Sunday, October 9, 2011


If you believe in limitations, separations, judgment and fear of any kind, you have bought into the illusion that has been sold to you by the ego as reality. Likewise, if you respond to any person, place or thing with judgment, sadness, negativity, stress, anxiety, annoyance or anger, know that you have bought into the same illusion. These beliefs of what you are have been ingrained and reinforced in you in such a way that they have now become habitual. These habits, this habitual belief system (simply referred to as the ego-self or ego) is what you use to react to your daily experiences. 

This habitual belief system is mostly an unconscious belief system that manifests itself as your beliefs and attitudes. These beliefs and attitudes influence your daily reactions, responses and behaviors toward yourself, your fellow humans and the world in general. Like robots, any time you react with limitation, separation, judgment or fear, you are simply reacting as you have been programmed to. Eventually you will learn that this is not how you want to act, react, be or live. Slowly you will consciously become aware of your unconscious habitual belief system, and you will begin to de-program yourself. This should be a time of great celebration, for as you become aware of your programming you also begin to understand the possibility of choice. You learn that you indeed have the choice of seeing things as you've been programmed to, or reviewing what you currently believe to see if it fits with what you truly desire. You can now choose whether you want to continue with that limited belief system or replace it with a more empowering understanding.

Due to high ego levels we never wish to admit our mistakes. Hence we give excuses, not realizing that giving an excuse is the first step towards failure and its like making a trap for our ownself. We do not fool anyone else but our ownselves by giving excuses for our mistakes. The result is, that 
we keep making that same mistake over and over again, 
keep finding new excuses each time, 
keep bearing the consequences of making that mistake, 

until we realize that we have gone nowhere doing all this. We did not move on but kept digging a hole for ourself standing at the same place. Every person makes mistakes and has some or the other bad habit or weakness. Its alright to do a mistake once, learn from it and then never do it again. Actually this is very good mistakes if not repeated are like great teachers and mirrors showing us our flaws. 

However, repeating a mistake and not making any effort to improve it,
 is what causes a person's downfall.

The truth is that once u realise that " yes i made a mistake" or "yes i was weak at tis thing" without giving any excuses, then u r able to annalyse urself clearly an correct urself this is wat leads u to victory. Accepting ur flaw is the first step to success, while making an excuse is the first step to failure...

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